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Physics 2 Course Assistant Download Application

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Physics II Course Assistant Apk  is a program that requires you to have basic physics or need a quick reference physics. This program will help you to work through the problems of homework, learning the concepts of physics, and more. Forget about problems! The Wolfram Physics II Course Assistant software solves your specific physics problems.

– Calculates the properties of solids, including stress, pressure, deformation and more
– Calculate the properties of fluids, including drag, float, hydrostatic pressure and more
– solving various types of electricity and magnetism calculations 
– Perform optical and x-ray calculations, including SNEL’s law, lensmaker equation, thin-lens equation and more.
– Calculates wave effects, including refractive properties and thin film interference
– Common thermodynamic calculations, including the ideal gas law, Joule’s first law and more
– Observe the rules of physics and the constants of common physics


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