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PicaSim: Flight simulator v1.1.1074 Download game Android Aircraft Control Simulation

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PicaSim: Flight simulator v1.1.1074 is a flight simulator for controlling aircraft, priced at $3.50 by The Rowlhouse on Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free from Android.
You can use it to learn how to fly, practice aerobatics with a plane, or just enjoy flying around in a rainy day.

This is the full version of the game that includes more features than the free version.

If your Android device is running Android 3 and above and supports USB OTG, you might want to use an external USB OTG cable / adapter (USB port), or external R / C transmitter (Through an interface). This is definitely worth the try. Before running PicaSim, be sure to connect the controller and then launch it from the settings-> joystick menu.

PicaSim: Android Flight simulator features :
– Different races – F3F style and outdoor
– There are various planes like gliders, quadcopters, drone, acrobatics
– Very beautiful scenes of the surrounding scenery


Last version changes

• Add Litermonthalle Nalbach indoor scenery by Detlef Jacobi.
• Improve object editing.
• Improve plane scaling.
• Graphical improvements. If upgrading is a low-end device, you may need to disable the “Separate Specular” in the options if it causes too much slowdown.
• Reduce the wind force in the front of the slopes slightly.
Please contact picasimulator@gmail.com with bug reports and questions.

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