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Power Guitar HD Pro 1.9 Download Guitar Program

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Power Guitar HD Pro v1.9 is a program for playing rock guitar and metal electric guitar. This app is suitable for professionals and beginners. Power Guitar HD Guitar Simulation Software is an intuitive and useful tool for learning chords, running with your friends, and closing sessions with your mobile or tablet. With this great design, with just your fingers, you’ll feel like a true guitar player. With this app, you’ll experience the most advanced Heavy Metal techniques, such as palm mute, vibrate, slide, or harmonics without the need for an amp.
This can be an ideal supplement for the Drum Solo HD , to embed a small group of rhythms.

– Plenty of songs to learn how to play electric guitar
– Capture parts of your meetings and show it to your friends
– User Interface in HD
– Tap on the fretboard to play power chords
– Closed sounds recorded in the studio
– Ideal for jamming
– Short delay
– And many other features


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