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Relax and Sleep for everyone (Full) For Download Now

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Relax for everyone + v2.0 is an effective tool for relieving stress in a few minutes, relaxation and real sleep. Used to manage anxiety and personal balance, this application is an essential tool for modern life. For all those who have stress and insomnia for many daily tasks, this program provides relaxation therapy that really works.
This app can be easily integrated with your daily life. This software will help you have a centralized mind, less stress and sleep better. Your further use will have better results and more impact.
This software allows you to eliminate your mental and physical stress. Thanks to the color of chromotherapy, you can take advantage of its therapeutic benefits. In addition to the colors, you can select more than 40 melodies and a relaxing sound to listen to.
Enjoy the tranquility! It’s practical and practical because you can use it in any position with a click.
You can also use this software in many other situations, such as exercising, during yoga meditation sessions, during massage, during a short nap, or even going faster than your baby!

– CHROMOTHERAPY – A full spa with colors and sounds that brings your moments peace of mind.Sit in a dark room and start chromotherapy, making your room a relaxing place. With over 30 selected bodies for physical and mental health.

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– SOUNDS – Sustainable subtleties of sounds that offer you natural suggestions every day. These sounds come with animated images that stimulate your thirst and activate the original natural intrinsic memory.

– REST AND MEDITATION – 3D program sounds that stimulate mental activity, concentration, deep thinking, relaxation, dream and sleep. For proper use, headphones connected to your device are essential.

– BREATH RELAXATION – Have you ever been careful about your breathing? Your breathing is likely to be shallow, fairly rapid and irregular, many of us actually use “shallow breathing” and only 20 percent of our lung capacity.
With this program, you can have proper breathing to get the right physical and mental health and mental health.

– HERBAL TEA – Everything you need about the world’s most relaxing drink. This app will provide you with some explanations to help you avoid mistakes and tips about using plants and preparing herbal teas. Most of this comprehensive guide is devoted to herbal teas. For the best sleep.

– ALARM CLOCK – For a relaxing awakening with the 7 main colors of light therapy, a fully adjustable alarms.

102 ambient white noise and high quality melodies

Sounds include: Relaxing melodies, Celtic music, Hymnal song, Rhizome, river, ocean, wind, flute, rain, birds, music box, relaxation lounge, waterfall, thunder, fire, night melody, white noise Urban rain, cave, medieval, quiet waves, heavy rain, rainy day, afternoon, rain showers, underwater, under water, sea, rain on the roof, hum, grandfather clock, frogs, thunder storm Electricity.

– Install in SD card
– Different nature sounds
– Countdown timer for relaxing music
– Beautiful wallpaper for every sound of nature
– Performing meditation music in the background
– Relax for the human brain
– Only the sound sounds of good quality nature
– The best sounding sounds
– Sounds of seasons
– City sounds
– Ambient sounds

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