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Remotestick 2.6.12 Download Remote Control Software

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Remotestick v2.6.12 lets you control lights and other electronics remotely, and monitor your cellphone over the sensors.
Need Tellstick Telldus with Telldus Live! activated. Please read more about Telldus and Tellsticks at . Obviously, you will also need additional hardware to control and / or monitor. Please see the Telldus site for compatible devices: .

✓ Control lights, radiators or other electronics
✓ Add devices to groups for easier control
✓ Create scenarios for controlling a set of devices separately in one
✓ Schedule a device to control at a specific time or at sunset / sunset (requires Tellstick Net)
✓ Read Sensor values
✓ Background monitoring on sensors and charts
✓ Easier and faster control using the floor plan view.
✓ Create even more complex scenarios with sensors and devices using Tasker or Locale
✓ Access devices and sensors from your home screen with widgets
✓ Control a set of devices by holding your NFC enabled device in front of an NFC tag

A Tellstick is used to communicate with consumer electronics on a 433MHz (European standard) band. When you activate the Telldus Live! Account, Tellstick accesses the Internet by Remotestick.

Visit the website at

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