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Spike Sepak Takraw v1.3.0 + Mod. The game is completely optimized for mobile, the Roll Spike provides you with the ability to kick, pass, head off, obstruct and spike specific attacks.
Including some of the top virtual teams in Sepak Takraw, Roll Spike lets you play and unlock teams, stadiums and tricks from Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines and many more!
Travel around the world for various stadiums to play with your favorite teams.
This game is published by MEDIASOFT ENTERTAINMENT on Google Play Store.

Spider Tucker is a volleyball-like sport that is used instead of the leg for balls. The game is a native of Southeast Asia and is very popular in Thailand, Malaysia, Laos and Indonesia.
A spell of a Malay word means kicking and Takra means a ball in a tie.


Last version changes

– New story mode available. – User can customize team in story mode. – User can upgrade team stats in story mode.– New leaderboard available. – User can collect leaderboards from exhibition and story mode. – New teams available. – New ball effects available. – New locations available. – New achievement available. – Cloud saving feature temporarily disabled

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