Scientific Calculator Mu PRO Apk Download

Scientific Calculator Mu PRO Android Download

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Scientific Calculator Mu PRO APK is a professional scientific calculator for Android. This calculator offers the ability to carry out complex calculations and various mathematical functions along with numerous features.

– Implementing User Formulas and Normal Calculation
– Create your own formulas and save them in user memory as long as you need them
– Use the English, Greek and any other alphabet as a subtitle
– Create user formulas almost exactly the same as mathematical equations
– When a formula is stored, it can be executed at any time by specifying the number of memory formulas
– When executing a formula, the subsequent operation depends on the type of formula you are invoking (for example, “?” May seem like you have called the input values ​​for the variables)
– Add other equations in the calculation
– Cut the multiplication and express your braces in exactly the same way as the actual formulas
– Using calculated values ​​repeatedly with just one touch
– Use information stored in memory at any time and in both conventional calculations and formulas
– Use information stored in user formulas
– The same look with the classic calculator, delivering better performance by touchscreen and touch scrolling.
– Landscape mode support
– Unlimited user formulas and memory information

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Includes functions:
– Functions of power and root
Logarithmic Functions
– Trigonometric functions in degree or radians
– Arcsine, Arccosine, Arctangent
Hyaluronic sinus, Hyperbolic cystitis, Hyperbolic tangent
Arcsine Hyperbolic, Arccosine Hyperbolic Tangent
– factorial


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