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Screen Time Parental Control Apk by & For Parents

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Screen Time Parental Control Apk is a parental control program that lets you know how your children spend their time on their tablets and cell phones.
Screen Time is not a parental control launcher program that changes the normal experience of the tablet and mobile device.
Screen Time can not be deleted by children from the Android device. This makes it ideal for children and adolescents as well as young children.

Key Features:
✔ Daily time limit
Do children spend a lot of time on their tablet or mobile device? Screen Time has a time-limited usage timer.

✔ Sleep control
Blocking games at bedtime, but there is the possibility of using reading programs.

✔ Control the sleeping hours
Block all apps at bedtime

✔ Control the school time
Blocking social programs and nazis, but curricula are used in school hours.

✔ Blocking remote children’s devices
Is lunch time When you press a button on your phone, the time for using your baby’s device ends.No more greetings or shouts!

✔ Give rewards to your kids for tasks and routines
Adding the various tasks and tasks you want – you will be surprised how your children started to manage their time!

✔ Immediate monitoring
What did your child do with your device? Which apps did you use? More on which programs does it take?

✔ App Blocker
Block specific apps completely. Get an alert when installing a new app by your child

✔ Unable to remove by your child
Uninstalling the application requires your password.


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