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Secret Video Recorder Premium 1.9.4 Download Secret Video Recorder

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Secret Video Recorder Premium v1.9.4 is a program for recording video from the front or rear camera of Android device.
Record your videos silently and easily at any moment you want.
There is a possibility to choose the option to save the files recorded in external storage.
There is a way to save files on an external SD card in Android 4.4.2 or a newer version.
There are 2 icons for this app. One of them is just to start / stop the recording and the other to the navigation menu.
Navigation The menu of this app is very easy. The app is designed for a wide range of mobile devices with an exterior appearance and exterior design and additional settings.
The recording operation is activated by the user, and stop recording at any given moment stops.
There is also the possibility of recording video timings in this program. To do this, just add time to the program in seconds.
It is possible to define the duration of recording a movie Dan.
You can disable notification when silently recording. (Except for system notifications)
You can also enable / disable camera shutter sound.
You can also select the video resolution for recording. (The resolution depends on the features of the camera).
There are options to record phone calls during video recording, if supported by the device (due to the technical limitations of some device models).
Unattended devices can also use this program.
After installation, please set the best recording quality with the additional options specified in the submenu:
– Select video source
– Select video encoder
– Select the bitrate of the video

You can view this program for the FAQs of the manufacturer’s web site:


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