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Snakes & Ladders Aquarium FULL v1.5 A new version of the most popular board game and dice, snakes and ladders (in the aquarium), a game from Immanitas Entertainment Studio, released for $ 0.99 at Google Play Store, now Available to your Android device.
If you are not bored with time-consuming or thought-provoking games and you want to entertain your friends or your child for a few moments or even start a two-person chance match with other family members, you can get help with Snakes & Ladders Aquarium . In this game, all you have to do is tap the screen to rotate the dice! One-person or two-player, multi-screen support, auto-scrolling or manual on-screen opener, ultra-beautiful graphics, and beautiful underwater effects and Farsi language, can be seen in the game.

Run game :
In this game, just like playing the snake and the actual stairs, drop your character dice. With each number shown by the dice, move the same amount of your person’s stack. Like the rules of the real snake and the stairs, if you reach the ladder at the end of the move, your character will move a higher block and if you hit the snake, you will fall to the bottom of the snake to the lower block.
A player who reaches the final block earlier will win.

Features of Snakes & Ladders Aquarium Android :
– Ensuring long enjoyment on your mobile phone or tablet
– Simple but addictive gameplay that brings entertainment to your family
– Easy control: automatic or manual move
– New blocks that offer a whole new twist to play!
– 2 boards with different locations for snakes and ladders (5 more in the FULL version)
– Single and multiplayer mode
– HD graphics and lovely underwater effects
– Multilingual with support for Farsi
– No ads!

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