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Snap Enhance Pro 2.1 is a photo enhancement application

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Snap Enhance Pro v2.1 lets you capture the best of photos, with up to four advanced tools with simple yet powerful controls.

Noise reduction due to low light and increased detail.

Dynamic contrast adjustment in a photo allows you to view the dark areas of a picture.

Improve the details in the photo. Unlike some apps, this app does not only sharpen the edges, but really brings features that you may not be able to see.

Improve all or some of the colors in the photo.

The top left button lets you see the original photo.

To remove noise, increase the contrast and detail, you can select the proximity size used by the algorithms.

This program works by splitting the photo into three layers. A contrast layer, a base layer and a detail layer. You can set the parameters in real time and see how each of them changes how your photo is changed.


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