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Solid Mechanics PLUS v1.0 with Solid Mechanics and extend it through the ability to reset any equation and solve any of your desired variables.
This simple but powerful tool allows you to quickly calculate engineering stresses, strains, and many more for several loading conditions.
This program performs “back of the envelope” calculations quickly and accurately.

– Ability to reposition the equations (press and hold on any of the variables you want to solve based on that equation)
– Reference and source equations and charts
Integration with the following equations (Press the Sub button)
– Standard loading conditions for tensile, compression and shear stresses
– Internal unit conversion
– Dynamic and dynamic calculations
– Output display with highlight tabs (Swipe to change outputs)
– Simplify home page layout with icons for quick identification
– Internal calculator for sectional properties

Includes calculations:
– Axial stress
– Axial strain
– Axial deviation
– Flexural stress
– Converts tension to strain
– Straight shear stress
– Transverse shear stress in sections
– Torsional shear stress – Circular sections
– Torsional shear stress – Non-circular sections
– Torque – Circular sections
– Torque – Non-circular sections
– Pressure tank tanks
– Push the walls of the thick wall

Support for converting units:
– Stress / Pressure: Pa, kPa, MPa, GPa, psi, kpsi
– Strain: unitless,%, Millistrain, Microstrain, Nanostrain
– Force: N, kN, MN, GN, nN, uN, mN, lbf, kgf
– Length: m, mm, um, nm, in, ft
– Moment / torque: Nm, N-mm, kN-m, kN-mm, lb-ft, lb-in, oz-ft, oz-in, kg-mm, kg-m, g-mm, gm

Specifications section A, support for I and J: (inertia moments)

Area: (A)
Square, empty square, rectangle, hollow rectangle, circle, hollow circle, I-shaped bar, ellipse, triangle, trapezoid, equilateral, and …

Moments of inertia Areas: (I)
Rectangles, empty rectangles, circles, circles, I-shaped bars, semicircles, ellipses, equilateral triangles, equilateral triangles

Polar Inertial Moment: (J)
Circle, circle empty

Non-circular cross sections and Q & Q factor:
Square, empty square, rectangle, empty rectangle, oval, empty oval, circular tube.

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