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Sonic Jump v2.0.2 + Mod is the name of another popular Sonic Jump series released by the SEGA Familiar Playing Studio. Jump, rotate and destroy everything that you see on your path to the sky in the battle between Dr. Eggman and Sonic and his friends!
The Sonic Jump game has introduced a new style of entertaining and entertaining games. By turning the mobile phone and tapping the page, take different stages of the story and infinitely fun mood. Meet the new and classic Sonic in fun hours. Challenge your friends from all over the world to see who goes to the most distant places.

Play Sonic and Friends:
Play as sonic or any of his friends, ails, knuckles, amy, rouge, silver and blaze. Each character has its own special attacks and abilities!

Amazing World:
Jump across the legendary green hill area or go to new worlds including mountains, jungles, blue skies, and mechanical areas.

Fiction and fun modes:
Jump in and out of 48 different attempts to stop Dr. Eggman’s work, or jump up as you end up in an unlimited amusement mode.

Fun Challenges and Missions:
You have to move faster each step and win big victories. Each stage and both game modes have special bonuses for completing missions.

Unlock powerful abilities:
Open the characters and power ups by collecting the loops in the game or buying them in the store.

Note: Use the CPU-Z application to determine the type of processor on your device.


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