Speedtest Pro – Internet Speed ​​Apk Download

Speedtest Pro – Internet Speed ​​1.0 Internet Speed ​​Test

Speedtest Pro – Internet Speed ​​v1.0 is a professional IT application for downloading, uploading, and lagging (responding) to one hit easily.
You can use SpeedTest to monitor the speed and response of your cellular (3G / 4G / LTE) or WiFi device connection. With a graphical representation of the moment, the results are continually updated during the test stages. It’s a simple and easy way to test the exact speed of the Internet from any location.

– Perform (or cancel) test the speed of the Internet with one touch and one touch
– Test download time, upload time and delay time (response)
– Simple, easy to read tracking and reporting 
– Availability of previous test history for comparison
– Compatible with mobile and WiFi data connectivity
– Easily share results with others via email
– Test server located around the world for accurate results
– Unlimited Speed ​​Test


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