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Studyfocus 1.0.4 Reminders, motivations and rewards for studying

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Studyfocus v1.0.4 is a program for reminders, motivations and rewards for study. Want to read but always sticking on Facebook, YouTube and …? Not anymore. Studyfocus is your virtual mother who remembers the homework and motivates you to do so. When you have studied enough, Studyfocus will reward you. If you go from reading, you will be punished!
Studyfocus is for all students who really want to study but are stuck on their computer.

how it works?
1. Get tired of your school home.
2. Add today’s assignments to Studyfocus
3. Whatever you want to do. Check out facebook, do some video games and …
4. Studyfocus reminds you of the evening assignments and motivates you.
5. Do your homework and get StudyFocus.
6. Look at your progress, feel good about yourself.
7. Repeat every day.
8. Get ready for a score!

Key Features:
– Reminder – Remember the night assignments to you
– Motivation – motivating you to do homework
– Bonus – Rewarding you to study


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