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Syndicate City: Anarchy The game Syndicate City: Chaos Android + Mod

Download Syndicate City: Anarchy v1.1.9 + Mod Game Syndicate: Chaos for Android
Normal Edition + Infinite Money and Gold Edition

Syndicate City: Anarchy has just been released by the CYSCORPIONS game studio with spectacular 3D graphics. There are no rulers in this city. Now it’s time to show who the real ruler is!
Become step-by-step into one of the 12 most dangerous bands in this great city that has ever been known. Download Games.
In the Syndicate City: Anarchy game, you can hire and update your rivals by hiring and updating them. Build the city and build your own ghost empire and expel your rivals and squeeze out your rivals in the area you are in and you can do it under the control of the people. . Get paid from the areas under your control and inject your fears among your subjects. One of the features of this game is to use the real physdice of ragdoll, which you can feel when you hit the enemy.
Do you need money to upgrade your crew? Test your skills and test your luck in the game and lose. In this game everyone or the hand is going to go home or lose everything.
Are you ready to take control of this city?


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It’s Halloween in Syndicate City and we have prepared something for you guys. We are releasing exclusive items for this event. Get a part of the Dracula set by opening the random outfit on the character customization screen. If you want a vampire bat, go to the pet screen and you can buy it there. And the Pumpkin Head? We’re giving it out for free to all players.
This event will last from October 28 to December 2 so grab it before it ends.

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