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The Dark Knight Rises 1.1.6 Download game The Dark Knight Rises + Datas


The Dark Knight Rises v1.1.6 + Data is the name of another series of Batman games that Gameloft’s famous gaming studio has released for Android. An epic end to the Batman triathletes produced by Christopher Nolan’s famous filmmaker is coming to Android devices specifically inspired by the original version of the movie. Back in the 8th year since Bruce Wayne’s start, Batman returned to the battlefield, so wait for him. “Between” and “Celina” are deadly enemies who intend to split Batman’s legacy. Meet all your allies and friends to regain your power and protect the Gotham city against “inter”. Thanks to the existence of the main characters in the series of Batman films, you are completely immersed in the story of characters such as “Cat Girl”, “Gordon’s Officer”.

The existence of dozens of missions, as well as incidental events, makes it possible to feel all the challenges of a superhero. Enter the deal with the hostage-takers, the runaway prisoners, the car’s pursuit, to prove to them that you are the correct guarantor for Gotham. Thanks to movies and cinematic effects as well as the actual combat system, this game puts you at the very heart of the thrill and action. By collecting hidden items inside the city, release more facilities and skills for Batman, get to the Batman Advanced Battalion and learn how to use any weapon to make the most impact from the hook for crossing. Use the city to defend against enemies, by throwing the “idol” tool to destroy enemies without being seen and use the buttons away. When none of these tools could do anything to use your own superb machine, you can also use BatPod for special missions that will take you to any point in the city at a time.

Installation guide:
– Install APK file.
– After downloading the data file and removing it from the compressed, place the folder on the Android / data path.
– Run the game.


Last version changes

Minor bug fixes.

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