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Download The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt v8.3 + Mod The Pirate: The Caribbean Hunt for Android
Normal version + Modified version (infinite money)

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Raise the pirate flag, pick up the steering wheel and become king of Antilles with wars and attacks, ransom and treasures!
In this game, increase your wealth by attacking boats and ships and finding treasures in the unknown islands, increasing your defenses by increasing weapons and upgrading them.
This is a fascinating action game and a product of the Home Net Games studio.

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Android features:
– 18 types of ships
– Unlimited fleet size
– Control multiple ships during battles
– 5 types of ammunition
– Special weapons
– 30 ship upgrades
– Personality development, gaining experience and raising the level
– 20 Captain Skills – unlock features and new game features
– Shipping model, distance and realistic time passes
– Hundreds of islands and dozens of harbors
– Day / Night cycle
– Building construction and upgrades
– Unlimited number of several types of naval battles (merchants, smugglers, caravans, military, anti-piracy, escort, etc.)
– Famous in 5 countries


Last version changes

Version 8.3 changelog:
– New ship type: junk.
– New premium ship: junk Shanghaied Dynasty.
– New non-premium ship: junk.
– Rebalansing of tier 1-4 ships.
– Adjusting the shooting range of some ships.
– Smaller bug fixes and improvements.

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