Thermal Camera Ad-Free Apk Download

Thermal Camera Ad-Free 1.0.6 download thermal camera

Thermal Camera Ad-Free v1.0.6 is the best thermal camera application for Android. You can adjust the effect with offset settings and 4 different color presets. Download this app and start taking photos and show your friends that they think your Android device has real thermal vision.

Note: This app is not a tool for real temperature detection.

– The momentary thermal effect effect
– Save images quickly with the touch of a button
– Support autofocus (touch anywhere on the screen)
– Support flash camera
– Front camera support (requires Android 2.3 and above)
– Zoom support (slider on the left side of the page)
– Adjustable color offset (slider on the right side of the screen)
– 4 different color presets to get the best appearance for your photos
– Ability to install the application on the SD card
– The image stored in the external storage storage is stored in the ThermalVisionCamera folder


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