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TV Off 2.1.27 Patched Download Control Software with Mobile

TV Off v2.1.27 Patched A program for turning off or turning off the TV by infrared (IR) smartphone.
Send IR commands to the TV (most TVs use the same command to turn on and off).

Includes mute commands, next and previous channel commands, or decrease or increase the volume.
Currently use over 1200 codes.
Includes continuous mode
Includes stealth mode
Notification Area Buttons (Optional)
Select the quick command by pressing the top left icon

The TVBG codes have only Power commands, when they are selected, only the Power commands are sent, regardless of the type of command that you have selected.

To use this software, you must have an IR device. (IR Blaster)

Samsung devices with Android 4.2 and above and the IR blaster like S5, S4, S4 Mini, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy MEGA work well.

It also works with the HTC One m7 and m8
Also works with LG G3 (only with Workstation)

This app does not work with S3 or Note 2.
Also fake Note3 does not work, its IR module varies.

Also, compatibility with non-factory ROMs on your device is not guaranteed.

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