Undelete for Root Users FULL (Key) Apk Download

Undelete for Root Users FULL Recover deleted files

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Undelete for Root Users v2.1.3.10 + Undelete Key v1.0 is a routine application for users of the device that allows you to recover deleted files from the SD card or any stored FAT attached storage. With over 1000 file types supported, Undelete can be used to recover deleted photos and listen to some of the old songs. Undelete can also clean or split files securely, so that recovery is impossible for others, which can be useful for sending your phone for repairs or when selling.

– Return any file that has not been written
– Clearing secure / splitting files
– Working with documents, photos, videos, music, archives and binary files
– Generate thumbnail preview
– batch operation
– Restore custom folder
– Preview media files

Currently, only FAT is supported. On most devices, this means that only the external SD is supported.
Some files that are detected after scanning may fail to be recovered.


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