Unlock With WiFi Apk For Android


Unlock With WiFi 2.7 Download the app to unlock the phone with wifi

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Unlock With WiFi v2.7 build 77 is a leading password management program. This software focuses on the reliability, quality and super user experience. Launching the wizard makes it easy to set up and help windows appear when something is wrong.

When you go home and connect to your WiFi network, your device will unlock. Then the device is locked again when you leave the home and the WiFi connection is disconnected. You must enter the password for the first time after connecting to your WiFi network. Download Games From Here.

Battery saving options for:
– Turn off WiFi when you leave home
– Turn on bluetooth when leaving home
– Turn off Bluetooth when you return home
– Disable auto-sync while leaving home
– Enable auto-sync when going home
– WidgetLocker integration


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