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VIRUSfighter Antivirus PRO 2.1.3 Download

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VIRUSfighter Antivirus PRO v2.1.3 is a simple and very easy to use anti-virus, with fast scan and minimal use of system resources!
Protecting antivirus The moment of today’s threats is just one of the many features that are exclusively available in the PRO version of this antivirus.

★ Instant protection instantaneous antivirus
★ Security Advisor – Automatically detect security holes
★ Reliable Scan – Identify over 30,000 known threats

Instant Antivirus Protection – You are now protected from viruses, trojans and spyware instantly.

Security Advisor – Identify potential security holes by following the various “entry” points to your device.

Private Consultant – Understand if account information, contacts, messages, and other private data are available.

Manage the application – Check the settings for accessing your downloaded apps.

Free updates for new releases and threats delivered to your device!

Your contacts, pictures, emails and other mobile data are private and non-interchangeable. With the most extensive “signature” database on the market, secure your important information from the latest viruses, malware, trojans, spyware, keyloggers, and other threats.

The VIRUSfighter Android Pro makers have noticed in particular that the use of this program is easy and quick to run and integrated without losing battery life. In addition, the software advises you on identifying the various risk areas for preventive measures to fully secure the device.

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With growing threats for Android devices, VIRUSfighter Android PRO helps you save valuable files, data, and your network against emerging threats from virus makers and identity thieves.

With VIRUSfighter Android PRO
An effective and easy to use Antivirus for your Android device!

Full Feature List:
* Regular updates that protect you from the latest threats
* Instant scan while surfing the web, emailing, or using apps.
* Scan demand
* Security Consultant
* Privacy advisor
* App Management
* Fast Lightning Scan technology
* Small footprint with ultra-low battery consumption
* Schedule Scan
* Fully customizable settings


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