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Waldo & Friends v3.5.5 is another game from Ludia Inc. for tablet and Android phones, and has had more than 10 million downloads, and has gained popularity among users. The story of the game came from the place where the lashes of your area were made. They are looking for the things that you need them most without stopping your search. Hurry you do not have time, time is going to be harmful to you. Before they reach their targets, find them and prevent them from attacking bad guys. Be very careful about yourself, because they may attack you from all sides. In these situations, the speed of action is the first letter and you must quickly hide things that they do not see.

Waldo & Friends features:
– Meet Waldo as a guide in new and exciting adventures
– Search for hidden objects in all dictionaries 
– Do a game with your friends to find Waldo
– Explore magical landscapes including the location of the dragon living in the sea, a cake factory and …
– Ride on the ship Search for different places to find hidden objects
– There are various credits to gain more power


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