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War Storm: Clash of Heroes 1.2.7 Download Android game

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War Storm: Clash of Heroes v1.2.7 is a massively multiplayer strategy game developed by the Funcell123 gaming studio. In this game players control a castle, a kingdom and all its implementation. Their destiny is in your hands, but you should not be alone. Summon courageous heroes to your movement, prepare their skills in the fight, and use their unique capabilities to turn the battle. Create other alliances with other players, then join together and rotate to attack the enemies. Become a noble king and fight with a bunch of evil spirits, or become a vicious warlord plundering the flat towns. The choice is yours!

Features of War Storm: Clash of Heroes Android :
– Online massively multiplayer social strategy game
– Innovative tactics
– Control resources to expand your empire and put your forces in camps to protect the kingdom
– Completing missions to win champions
– Build weapons and armor for your heroes
– Establish an alliance with friends around the world to complete the missions of the Alliance, send help to your kingdom, and rally to attack your enemies.
– Access to new locations by expanding your kingdom
– Build a diverse army of foot soldiers, archers, witches, catapults and more!
– Fight against hellish monster


Last version changes

Partially optimized UI display
– Optimized the main interface
– Optimized some icons and buttons
Added a new function: Alliance Treasure
– Unlock epic treasures with your allies

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