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Waves – Tuner FULL 1.0.0 Download software tune up the instruments

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Waves – Tuner FULL v1.0.0 is a popular gStrings chromatic tuning application that has been rewritten from scratch. The program comes with a multi-core optimization engine, an enhanced frequency detection, streamlined OpenGL graphics, a redesigned UX, and a simple / central holo UI.
This app allows you to set up any musical instrument (violin, viola, violin, bass, guitar, ukulele, a guitar, instrumental, piano, even wind instruments).
This app turns your Android device into a tuner and you do not have to spend a lot to buy a tuner.The distinctive feature of this program is the ability to adjust sensors from other similar applications. This software makes it easy for you to tune the instrument by displaying all the alphabet of music. Just put the app in Tune Auto mode and then remove the sound of your instrument, the program will show you the name of the sound you came up with, and then you can tune your instrument.


Last version changes

What’s New 1. Improved fundamental detection, 2. unclamped tone octave labels fixed.

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