WebMaster’s HTML Editor (Cracked) Apk Download

WebMaster’s HTML Editor 1.6 Download Web Coded Editor

WebMaster’s HTML Editor v1.6 is a handy HTML editor in your pocket. This is a source code editor for webmasters and web designers.

– Completed code (such as IntelliSense)
– Ability to highlight Syntax for HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript files
– Internal preview and virtual keys for popular tags and phrases for editing HTML files, CSS stylesheets and JavaScript.
– Dark and bright color schemes available
– HTML editor with support for Japanese, Cyrillic, Chinese, Central and Western European text encoding
– Ability to Undo / Redo (Undo / Redo)
– Help system for HTML, CSS and Javascript
– Code snippets for JS, PHP and HTML

It is an ideal web editor for writing and web programming in any location. It is also a useful program for editing source code, text or XML with the ability to neutralize / redo.
The creators of this software are working hard to add new features to this text editor.

It supports js, htm, html, html5, dhtml, css, php, php3, php4, php5, txt and xml file formats.

WebMaster’s HTML Editor is a set of webmaster tools: HTML editor, PHP editor, CSS editor, javascript editor and even text editor with different text encodings. The website developer can use the code editor as a software development for HTML5 programming, web development, similar to touchqode, silveredit, or codepad.


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