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WHM App for Root & Reseller WHM Management

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WHM App for Root & Reseller v1.4.4.0 lets you easily manage your entire WHM / cPanel servers and your WHM / cPanel reseller accounts!
WHMApp is the best Android mobile application for WHM / cPanel servers and WHM / cPanel resellers. The WHMApp mobile app connects to your WHM / cPanel servers, allowing you to manage sales representatives, and end-user accounts, hosting packages, DNSs, IP addresses, backup and restore settings, reboots, and monitoring. Provides services and servers, and many other features through easy user interface design. The WHMApp client is designed to handle WHM / cPanel servers with root access and reseller accounts.
Unlike other applications, WHMApp is an Android application that works directly with the WHM / cPanel core APIs to manage all server capabilities without using any third-party management section developed in PHP or another script to use this program to Use a safer and healthier face.
All your server credentials and the WHM / cPanel reseller account will remain secure in your phone.

– Add unlimited WHM / cPanel servers and WHM / cPanel resellers
– Manage End-User Accounts for cPanel Hosting
– Hosting Reseller Account Management
– Manage hosting packages
– Backup and restore accounts
– Advanced DNS management
– Advanced IP management
– Restart the server
– Manage server services
– Configure server settings
Configuring server security


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