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WiFi Insight WiFi Analyzer 1.0.2 Download Analysis software

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WiFi Insight WiFi Analyzer v1.0.2 is an easy-to-use analyzer for IT staff, professional network installers and technology users to analyze and quickly understand the operations of nearby WiFi networks. WiFi Insight is an ideal WiFi analyzer for understanding WLAN deployment.

WiFi Insight WiFi analyzer supports 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac based on the capabilities of your Android device.

WiFi Insight can support WLAN networks and access points for all vendors including Cisco, Aruba, Aerohive, Ruckus, Ericsson, Linksys, Netgear, Arris, Apple, Motorola, Tropos, Juniper, Avaya, D-Link, TP-Link and HP. Analyze and monitor. WiFi Insight also works with features of the access point for cable modems and DSL to analyze the wireless aspects of Comcast Xfinity, AT & T U-Verse, Google Fiber and Cox. If you’re trying to troubleshoot or optimize your Chromecast or Fire TV, WiFi Insight is a great tool for you.

WiFi Insight is a great companion tool for other WLAN testing equipment, including Wireshark, AirPCAP, iperf, Aeropeek, Ixia, Veriwave, Chariot, Netstumbler and others.

• Scan, analyze, and monitor fast Wi-Fi wireless networks (802.11) around you with your smartphone or tablet.
• Identify WLAN access points that implement these networks
• Identify advertiser WiFi networks with any access point
• Analyze channel usage, signal strength and WiFi coverage with easy-to-use charts and shapes
• Optimized channel selection and positioning of your access points for best bandwidth, coverage and performance
• View SSID, BSSID, signal strength, channel, security settings and access point vendor information
• Apply filters so you can quickly focus on analyzing a particular network (SSID), access point, channel or band.
• Analyze your Android roaming behavior
• Configure a name for each access point
• View WLAN security settings for each network

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