Wild Edibles Full Apk Download

Wild Edibles Full Apk Download Identify Wild Orbits

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Wild Edibles Full Apk provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for the identification and use of wild edible plants.

+ Identify wild food using up to 8 images per plant
+ Detailed descriptions, similar plants, similar toothyards and pharmaceutical information to improve their knowledge of plants
+ Harvesting method, preparation instructions
+ Includes botanical dictionary and search information

Wild Edibles provides a massive summary of knowledge of food search for beginners and experts alike. This app can be used as a quick reference and a replacement for cumbersome guides. This software provides comprehensive resources in a compact digital form available to you.
Wild Edibles Full provides full access to 165 edible plants, 52 small lookalikes, 719 images and 162 delicious recipes including roots, nuts, fruits, vegetables, etc., and a tour to identify wildlife and use them. he does.


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