X-Ray Scanner Prank Apk Download


X-Ray Scanner Prank For Android Download

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X-Ray Scanner Prank Apk turns your phone into an X-ray scanner. This is not a real X-ray scanner and does not provide real-world X-ray scanning capabilities. The body parts are not scanned, it’s just a joke application and it’s made just for fun.
Put the phone on the part of your body that you want to see the X-ray image. If you want your X-ray right hand, after pressing the right-hand scan button, move the hand on your right hand and see the X-ray of your right hand. You can do the same on your fingers, legs, head and hands, left leg, right leg, and so on.

The X-Ray scan application contains the following scans:
– Right foot
– Head
– Left foot
– Right hand
– left hand
– Chest

You can tell your friends that your phone has a X-ray scanner!


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