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Z War-Zombie Modern Combat v1.34 is a new, massively multiplayer (MMO) online game developed by the Mountain Lion game studio that brings you along with zombies and other survivors in an epic game to save generations. Humanity sets against each other.
Build your own town and defend it, and collect different resources to survive and search for new technologies to reach the top of your opponents, and ultimately, with everything you feel is a threat. Fight Order your troops and capture other lands to make sure you stay alive. Upgrade your soldiers, skills and buildings. Provide discipline and discipline to become a true leader for your nation.
A virus has spread throughout the world and has now reached its country, and people infected with the virus are looking for fresh meat to feed the world over. Infected people are a threat to the human race, so the survivors must form a group and select a person as a leader. In the Z War game, you have the chance to become a champion. What you and your desperate fellows need!
It is up to you to restore order, rebuild, fight, command, and take possession of your life.
Join the friends and allies in this online action game. As war spoils, collect resources to improve the city and search for technology or higher-level soldiers. Recruiting experienced captains in the campaign will help you gather resources and enhance your skills.

Overview of Z War features:
– A completely free RTS zombie strategy game
– Fight millions of captains from all over the world
Build a strong and strong city and protect your allies from the killers
– Find the various technologies that improve the production of resources, increase buildings and increase time

Become a true leader!
You are leading a group of survivors and it is your job to order them to work together and survive.Raise resources and find new technologies.

Recruiting elite soldiers!
Give your people an opportunity to become a captain who is able to protect his city and occupy new lands.


Last version changes

1.The introduction of the Christmas Event – Save Santa
2.Added Alliance Christmas Trees
3.The addition of many special Christmas items
4.Added a festive Christmas background
5.Say hello to a new monster – Santa Claus
6.Updated the unique Christmas game UI
7.Added massive Christmas sales and discounts!
Christmas Sales (11/29/2016 12pm PST-1/2/2017 3pm PST)
Price: $ 9.99
Base: Gold 1500
Extra: Gold 1500 Gold Bars * 2 70 Vip Points Resource Chest10K * 20

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